Feel prepared, supported and confident entering puberty!

Puberry is the fun, interactive gamified puberty curriculum verified by medical professionals that is revolutionizing the way youth learn about their health.

Feel Confident with our Results:

  • +61% increase in health test scores and info retention!
  • +90% Increase in confidence and comfortability talking to peers / friends about health and puberty topics!
  • 5/5 stars rating from students and teachers!

"I like that Puberry teaches more specific information about puberty and that we can track our emotions with emojis!" -user, 10yo


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Discover confidence and peace of mind with Puberry! Designed for students entering grades 4-12th, our comprehensive content equips youth with the knowledge and tools to navigate puberty and adolescence, leading to informed decision making for healthier and happier lives! 🫶

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    1. More than 1 in 5 US students seriously considered attempting suicide in 2021 and teen mental health is worsening
    2. The US has the highest STD, STI, and teen pregnancy rates of any developed country
    3. More than 44% of menstruators don't know what is happening during their first period
    4. The majority of parents don't know how to approach the topic of puberty nor feel comfortable and confident in their ability to teach their kids about health extensively
    5. The US health curriculum is inconsistent and sometimes even non-existent depending on the state, school district, and school
    Youth don't feel safe, supported, prepared, nor confident talking and learning about puberty, which can lead to a decrease in self-confidence, as well as mental health and wellness issues.

    With Puberry, we instill confidence in youth, parents, caregivers, and teachers! Our goal is to eliminate shame, embarrassment, and misinformation that occur during this critical timeframe of one's life.
    1. Interactive, gamified health education that is fun and exciting!
    2. A safe space for youth to ask anonymous questions
    3. Verified health information from medical experts
    4. Easily accessible whenever needed via app or web
    5. Robust curriculum in a web and mobile app coupled with a puberty kit to celebrate and learn with supplemental resources
    Puberry is empowering youth to lead healthier and happier lives! Together, we can bridge the gap in health education!

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What is Puberry's mission and values?

Puberry is the first interactive and gamified EdTech puberty curriculum coupled with a starter kit designed to make learning about puberty fun!

Our mission is to eliminate shame and embarrassment surrounding puberty, by enabling youth to feel prepared, supported, and confident.

Our core values:

  • Provide a safe space to learn and enable open, accurate, and inclusive conversations about puberty and overall youth health and wellbeing
  • Promote mental and physical health and wellbeing through emotional intelligence and behavioral self-care practices
  • Create a community for youth to feel prepared, supported, and confident entering and navigating adolescence
  • Facilitate a sustainable, effective, and fun learning method to destigmitaze and eliminate shame surrounding puberty, periods, mental health, sexual health, and health topics overall
  • Reduce STD, STI, and unwanted pregnancy rates by educating practical and health sexual behavior

Puberry is revolutionizing the way youth learn about their health. Our innovative app and puberty kits offer a unique learning experience that engages and inspires youth to take control of their well-being. By leveraging technology and integrating into school health curriculums, we provide an interactive platform that offers gamified and relevant content on a range of health topics. With Puberry, youth can learn how to make healthy choices in a fun and engaging way, empowering them to lead healthier and happier lives. Puberry enables young people to feel prepared, supported, and confident entering and navigating through puberty and beyond!

What are the features and benefits of the Puberry app?

Puberry enables interactive, fun, and effective learning for youth in grades 4th - 12th.

  • Gamified educational content
  • Daily check-ins (mental & physical wellbeing)
  • Digital period tracker (optional)
  • Safe community to share your stories & ask anonymous questions
  • Verified by health experts
  • Extensive health curriculum (puberty, mental & physical health, nutrition, sexual health education, and more)

Puberry can be easily integrated into the classroom or used as a stand alone application.

For classroom integration and access to our teacher interface, please request a demo and/or contact us via email, at demetramallios@puberry.org.

Who are the online health courses taught by?

Our courses are facilitated by Columbia University Teacher's College and Mailman Public Health School graduates with experience in teaching interactive lessons and developing effective learning techniques for discussing sensitive topics, such as overall health and puberty.

For more information regarding our online course offerings, please check our online health course product page.

You can also email us at demetramallios@puberry.org.

What's in the Puberry puberty kit?

We understand and value the importance of choosing healthy product for our bodies. Therefore, we only source product of the highest-quality. The product you will receive in your kit will be pesticide free, chlorine free, free of GMOs, organic, and eco-conscious.

Products in your kit may include:

  • Period pad & tampon
  • Deodorant
  • Korres, Greek yogurt face wash
  • Snacks (nut free)
  • Tote bag
  • How-To Guide
  • And more!

Can I download the app in the App Store?

Puberry is not yet available for download in the App Store.

We will update this as soon as we launch in iOS and Android app stores.

(Expected September 2023)

What can you expect from your Puberry Demo?

You will have a 30 minute introductory meeting with our Founder and CEO, Demetra Mallios to review the below agenda:

  • We want to learn about your needs to best understand how Puberry can support you
  • Introduction to Puberry
  • We will share a demo of our web & mobile app, teacher interface, as well as curriculum overview and pricing options
  • We will share more details regarding the Puberry Kits as well, and how we can utilize this supplemental resource as a way to generate excitement for students in the classroom
  • Conclude with next steps
  • Thank you! 😃

Do you sell & ship internationally?

We hope to meet international demand in the near future, but are currently only available within the USA.

How much does Puberry cost?

The Puberry app will cost $6.99/month for users downloading the app independently.

For schools, there are tiered pricing plans that can be shared and discussed during a demo. We want to ensure that we are able to meet school and client needs with the best customizable plan and program possible.

For more information, please email us at demetramallios@puberry.org.