Aunt Flow
  • Aunt Flow offers high-quality and sustainable period products for schools and businesses. They believe period products should be freely accessible in all public bathrooms, and are making this a reality by "Changing the world, one cycle at a time"!
  • We're excited to partner with and include Aunt Flow pads and tampons in our Puberry Kits!

Aunt Flow and Puberry


Korres logo
  • KORRES¬†is a natural, Greek, sustainable skin care brand that is all about promoting healthy living, while giving back to the community.¬†Greece is a global diversity hot-spot hosting one of the richest floras per square meter; over 6,000 plant species, 1,200 out of which are not to be found anywhere else in the world.¬†KORRES maintains the integrity of these natural ingredients and have partnered with us to share their gentle, natural, sustainable skincare products!
  • We're excited to partner with and include KORRES in our Puberry Kits!

KORRES and Puberry




Columbia Build Lab                 Columbia Startup Lab 

Columbia Entrepreneurship Innovation and DesignColumbia Business School Eugene Lang Entrepreneurship Center

Columbia Founder's Track (CTech)General AssemblyBrooklyn Law School


Puberry is excited to collaborate with and participate in Columbia Business School's Eugene Lang Entrepreneurship Center, Columbia Entrepreneurship Innovation and Design, Columbia Build Lab, The Columbia Startup Lab, Columbia Technology Founder's Track (CTech), General Assembly, and Brooklyn Law School. 

We are also happy to share ongoing partnerships
with Cedar Cliff High School and ByteSize Learning!

  • ByteSize Learning creates future opportunity and personal growth through education, mentorship, and support so that students can develop passions using technology tools
  • "Empowering, not impoverishing children with technology"
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  • Puberry is offering social media & business development internship opportunities to students.
  • Puberry is¬†featured as one of the businesses for a college level business course where students will complete their final project by offering precise social media and marketing strategies to help us reach our goals.