Asking a Medical Social Worker to spill the deets...

Asking a Medical Social Worker to spill the deets...

1. What period myths did you believe as a kid versus now being a health professional?

Accidents happen. Bleeding through underwear, pants, and unexpected periods are a part of having a period.

2. When should you use a tampon?

This was hard for me. I thought I couldn’t use tampons until I became sexually active, I learned later on that I was wrong. I assumed that I wouldn’t be a virgin anymore if I used tampons. You should use a tampon when you’re ready, sexually active or not.

3. What information was given to about periods as a young girl?

I was told that I would get my period monthly and that I could use tampons or pads. Insertion and placement of the pad was demonstrated. I was also told that my period was my body’s way of showing me that I could have a baby.

4. What should you do if your period starts all of a sudden?

Don’t panic. If you don’t have any pads or tampons handy, ask another woman for feminine products. If you bleed through your underwear you can wrap your underwear in toilet paper to hold you over until you can change. You can also use wipes or wet paper towels to clean the area. If all else fails, throw the undies in the trash and use a tampon. It’s okay to feel embarrassed or unprepared, it’s a feeling familiar to many women.


- Sydney Dean, LMSW - Medical Social Worker

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