It was the debut of our school's musical, and I was the lead...

"My 1st Period Story:
It was the day of my seventh grade school musical, and I was the lead part.
We had rehearsals in the morning and I remember right before we all went out on stage getting a stomach ache and running to the bathroom. Thankfully my best friend was with me and I was able to ask her to go get one of the adults to see if anyone had anything… we were only able to find a massive pad and I just remember being so embarrassed then, feeling like everyone was staring at me and could tell I was wearing a big diaper.
I was also skeptical it wouldn't work so I felt like I was constantly checking myself and being paranoid something would leak through.
Overall horrible experience. 😵
I also remember feeling like it was a competition in middle school between who had it already and who didn’t. Like people made fun of you if yours was earlier than everyone else and then if it was later too. Like something was wrong with you lol."
- Caitlin, age 25

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