Meet our Software Engineering Interns!

Meet our Software Engineering Interns!

Hi everyone! 

💻 It's DAY 1/75 of our Puberry summer internship program with the goal of rebuilding and launching our web app, and we're excited to introduce our amazing software engineering internship team! 🚀✨ 
Check-out the reel with our team here!

🐶 Meet Hermes: our motivator and mental support, ensuring we power through every coding block.

🏊‍♂️ Say hi to Joseph Nicol : a CS student at Columbia who just returned from the UK Olympic Trials for diving! He'll be diving into our app's front-end.

🤓 Hello Yuehui Ruan (Ricky): a CS grad student at Columbia, mastering our app's back-end along with our teammate Jyothi!

💃 And finally, Kyleigh Sudlow: a front-end guru studying CS in General Studies and a professional ballet dancer!

Plus we have Jyothi, (not featured in the video) a powerhouse developer that's finishing her MS in CS at Columbia and has more than 8 years of experience working as a software engineer at Microsoft and Amazon!

🌟This team is packed with impressive skills, accomplishments, and fun facts!
Stay tuned for more updates and join us on our journey!

👉You can follow our DAILY UPDATES via our Instagram, (@_puberry) or see some of our weekly posts on LinkedIn. 

Check-out the reel with our team here!


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