That Time We Asked AI to Represent Puberty, and Boy, Did It Get Weird!

That Time We Asked AI to Represent Puberty, and Boy, Did It Get Weird!

So, you know how we love playing with artificial intelligence (AI) right? This time, we decided to have a bit of fun and ask AI to explain puberty. Now, if you've been through puberty (which you most likely have), you know it's a wild ride of changing bodies and emotions. But let's just say the AI took it to a whole new level.

First off, our AI, which we fed tons of data from medical texts, psychology articles, cultural studies, and some cool personal stories, did a solid job with the biology of puberty. Growth spurts, voice deepening, periods starting, and all those other physical changes were explained with an accuracy that would make any science teacher proud.

However, when we hit the psychological and social parts of puberty, things went haywire. Instead of giving us a balanced view that respects everyone's individual journey, the AI started channeling some weird societal fears and misunderstandings about puberty.

For example, the AI took periods - a completely natural thing that happens to half of the population - and made it sound like something out of a sci-fi horror movie. It's clear that it picked up on the embarrassment and weirdness our society often throws at girls who are just experiencing a totally normal part of growing up.

And when it came to the emotional stuff that goes down during puberty, the AI started painting some seriously gloomy pictures. It was all angst, anxiety, and depression, as if puberty was some kind of teen horror flick. Sure, puberty can be tough, but it's also a time of awesome self-discovery and emotional growth, right?

The representation of boys going through puberty was just as skewed. The AI made it seem like some epic battle, with boys having to tough it out against their own bodies and feelings. It's this type of talk that keeps pushing harmful stereotypes about boys needing to be strong and hide their emotions.

So why did our AI get so off track? It's not the AI's fault. AI is like a super-smart parrot, it only repeats what it learns from the data it's trained on. Our little experiment uncovered just how much negativity, stigma, and misinformation our society has around puberty.

The crazy thing is, these results say more about us and our attitudes towards puberty than they do about AI. It might be time for us to change the way we talk about this super important stage in life. If we can give the AI more balanced, positive, and honest info about puberty, who knows, the results might be less horror movies, more coming-of-age blockbuster.

This wacky experiment reminds us how important it is to be careful about the data we use to train AI. We need to tackle these biases and myths head-on, and create AI that really gets the human experience.

So, here's the takeaway, folks: The weirdness of our AI's puberty story wasn't the tech's failure, but a reflection of our own awkwardness. It's a wake-up call to ditch the stigmas and start having honest, positive chats about puberty - a shared yet unique journey. Let's make sure the AI of the future is as clued up as we want our society to be.

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