Our video about TSS went viral!

Our video about TSS went viral!

Hey everyone! Our recent Instagram reel on Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) based on the learnings in the “American Girl Doll Care & Keeping of You” book has been making some serious waves! This short video reached an astounding 1.4 million views and gained over 80,000 likes. Whoa! Let's dive into what happened, shall we?

"American Girl Doll Care & Keeping of You" isn't just a manual for young girls during puberty; it's apparently the go-to guide for the majority of young girls and parents in the US, as evidenced by our viral reel and hundreds of comments. One topic in the book is Toxic Shock Syndrome, a potential risk associated with tampon use, and that's where we drew inspiration for our viral reel.

To say the least, when we hit 'post', we were not expecting the overwhelming response we received. A few hundred views, maybe? But over a million? That's incredible! And the likes just kept on coming, surpassing 80,000! Each heart icon represented someone new learning or recounting their experience learning about TSS.

The comments and DMs have been so uplifting, full of personal stories, expressions of gratitude, and requests for more content like this. We're thrilled to see that this reel is not just entertaining, but also empowering and educating our audience. This feedback also indicates and highlights the issues that exist with our current health education.

One thing in common among the hundreds and thousands liking, commenting, and sharing the post, is that they all learned about their health and changing bodies via this ONE source, a book given to them years ago. It’s shocking to see that educational resources have not evolved, even so many years later.

While we're on cloud nine over the reception, it's important to mention that, while "American Girl Doll Care & Keeping of You" is a great starter book, it can't cover everything about puberty, tampon use, and TSS in detail. It’s crucial to look into comprehensive educational resources and engage in open dialogues with trusted adults or healthcare providers. Always remember that no question is too awkward or silly when it comes to your health.

The virality of our reel is a reminder of the power of social media in spreading awareness and the role we can play in that. We're honored that you've chosen to embark on this journey with us. The video’s success tells us that you all are eager to learn, and we promise to keep producing more content that informs and engages.

So, thanks a million (or rather 1.4 million!) for the support. We're committed to riding this wave, creating more reels that are not only enjoyable but also essential. Let's continue learning, growing, and sharing together!

Instagram Reel URL: https://www.instagram.com/reel/CtkKY0VAc9C/?igshid=NjFhOGMzYTE3ZQ%3D%3D

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